Artista wins the Gold Medal at the 2021 World-Spirits Award

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2021 kicked off with a bang for Artista as it won the Gold Medal at the 2021 World-Spirits Award. This event is one of the most important in the sector, in the category Bitter/ Amari with Herbs.

Over 400 products, including ours, from 25 countries the world over were judged by experts, who based their evaluations on a set of strict criteria. The judges were all international tasters with long-term experience in the sector, holding fast to the slogan, “Simply the best in Spirits“. Only the liqueurs that met the set high quality inclusion standards were tasted in the 2021 edition, i.e., the ones that literally “wowed” the judges.

Indeed, Artista’s perfect balance of herbs and spices was particularly appreciated by the jury. After the  olfactory  sensory evaluation,  they emphasised its impeccable harmony between the fresh and consistent notes of eucalyptus and mint, laced with the delicate bitterness of orange and lemon peel, cardamom and gentian.

They declared that  “Artista was very aromatic on the palate”, with the just the right  notes of alternating floral accents, spices and herbs coupled to a sumptuous, pleasant  sweetness, which never prevails or dominates. All of which endows Artista with that perfect balance between sweet and bitter, creating a harmonious, full-bodied and persistent flavour profile.

We are proud to have reached this important goal in less than 12 months from the launching of Artistaon the market! Indeed, it has already met with national and international success with the general public and long-term experts in the sector alike.

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