New San Pellegrino soft drink made with 100% Italian natural citrus fruits

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Sanpellegrino soft drinks will offer an even more natural and authentic taste experience, completely renewing the range with a new formula with 100% natural ingredients, always made with Italian citrus fruits but with a new contemporary and sustainable “look”.

The high-quality soft drinks Sanpellegrino brand confirms its forward-looking approach to innovation and unveils an exciting new product: the new range of Natural citrus fruits, an authentic, tasty and thirst-quenching variant of Italian drinks. Starting from the end of 2021, the iconic range will be completely renewed with a formula with 100% natural ingredients made with Italian citrus fruits in the name of modernity and quality, with a more contemporary, elegant, and sustainable look.

Sanpellegrino drinks believe in the power of taste and creativity to improve people’s lives. This means safeguarding the ingredients from the very beginning and taking care of essential resources while maintaining harmony with the planet. Therefore, Sanpellegrino drinks rethink and optimize the recipe, design and packaging.

Excellent quality, refined ingredients and Italian creativity as essential elements to recreate taste experiences that know how to interpret the evolution of people’s needs. Sanpellegrino Drinks therefore change the formula with 100% natural ingredients, but the taste remains the inimitable one of Italian Drinks, which guarantee the same experience of pleasure through the different references: Orange, Bitter Orange and Lemonade. The Orange, deliciously scented with an intense aroma of oranges and rich citrus notes, has a balanced flavor, dry but soft on the palate with a harmonious and elegant aftertaste. The Bitter Orange, with an intense and balanced aroma, offers pleasant notes of sweetness crossed by a slight bitter hint that recalls intense citrus scents. Finally, the Lemonade, exquisite and intense like the aroma of the lemon peel and fresh like its squeezed juice, gives a dry and refreshing flavor with a pleasantly sour touch. Three different, intense and balanced flavors for a unique sensory journey into the world of Italian drinks.

As always, the range will also be available in cans but with more sustainable packaging which, by changing the secondary packaging from plastic to cardboard, will continue to ensure the safety of Sanpellegrino drinks, while reducing the impact on the environment. Furthermore, the packaging will have greater visibility on the shelf, strengthening the perception of belonging to a range and the link with the brand.

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