Voiello Spaghetti 500 gr

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Voiello pasta is prepared only with golden durum wheat flour of high quality grown and milled in Italy.It gives to pasta a unique roughness. Spaghetti with golden wheat are 100% Italian; Thanks to their curvature Voiello spaghetti are ideal for holding sauces, so are valued both light sauces and those more full-bodied wines. Cooking time: 10 minutes.


Packaging method box
Ingredients durum wheat flour”Aureo”, water
Conservation keep in cold and dry place
Preservation term 1 month
Production characteristics drawing the bronze
Nutrition information for 100G of product Energy Valurs: 359 kcal; Fat: 2,0 g; Fatty Acid Saturete: 0,4; Carbohydrates: 69,2 g; Sugar: 3,5 g; Fiber: 3 g; Salt: 0,013 g
Consistence ruvida
Quality Seals Voiello

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