Spaghettini Pasta Voiello 500g, sales package carton of 24 pcs, min. order q.ty 1 pallet (cartons n.64). Durum wheat semolina. The Italian classic par excellence willingly loses a bit of thickness, to gain even more possibilities of pairing with fish sauces. Perfect with mussels and clams, wrapping them on a fork is a flicker of joy, for real gourmets. Like the famous older brothers, theyare typical of the Neapolitan tradition. In combination withcheeses, combinations with herbs, fish and Mediterranean aromas are generally preferred. Cooking time: 8 minutes.


durum wheat semolina variety "Aureo", water. May contains traces of soy.


The brand Voiello was founded in 1879 when the Ancient Giovanni Voiello pasta factory was born. At the beginning ofthe 1900s it established itself as the favorite brand of theNeapolitan aristocracy and also spread throughout the peninsula. In the 1950s, he inaugurated a modern factory, which uses cutting-edge production techniques. In 1999, Voiello celebrates 120 years of activity, reaching the salesrecord in Italy in 2002: over 325,000 quintals, certified bythe independent surveys of AC Nielsen. Voiello continues to raise quality standards and to improve production processes. But good traditions do not change: excellent raw materials, bronze drawing, slow drying.

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