Pasta Rummo fusilli N.48, retail packaging carton of 16 pcs, order min. 1 pallet (cartons 27). This Pasta perfectly retains the sauce, enhancing all its taste and aroma thanks to the typical bronze-drawn country 'sfoglia'. An unparalleled and certified pleasure. Thanks tothe exclusive Slow Processing Method and the care of their pasta makers, Rummo Pasta is now certified for its resistance to cooking and the quality of the durum wheat semolina used. The result is a pasta that is always al dente , with a sweet aroma like ripe wheat.


Durum wheat semolina. Allergens: Contains Wheat / Wheat


1846, Antonio Rummo starts the family business, specializing in the grinding of wheat and the manufacturing of pasta where the wheat is good and the waters are pure: Benevento. 1935, the company moves to Via dei Mulini, in what is now the historic heart of Benevento, and becomes a joint stock company. 1991, the new pasta factory is built, and Rummo stops grinding the wheat to concentrate on the production of pasta. 2009, three new product lines are born: the Semolina Nests, the Egg Skeins and the Oven Line. 2011, Rummo launches organic and organic lines, both made with 100% Italian wheat in respect of the environment. 2015, present a line of gluten-free pasta based on brown rice, white corn and yellow corn. 2019 - Today, they bring the "There are no shortcuts" campaign on TV, a tribute to the Italians' love for pasta and the story of their daily pursuit of excellence.

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