Why you should be pairing your Italian food with beer, not wine

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When you think of Italy, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? More often than not, it’s the history, beautiful architecture, craftsmanship, fantastic food and wine. What doesn’t always roll off the tongue is beer and that’s where many people are mistaken. Italy is home to some of the most complex and flavoursome beers on the market, that are steeped in every bit as much culture and history as the country itself.

Take Birra Moretti, for example. This Italian beer dates back to 1859 and is still being processed in a traditional way today using only valuable hops and high quality raw materials. It’s known for its unique aroma, fragrance and slight bitter flavour, as well as its instantly recognizable label. The moustached man featured on every bottle of Birra Moretti has been there since 1942 and isn’t a fictional character.

The man, known as Baffo (moustache in Italian), was spotted in the Trattoria Boschetti in Udine by the nephew of Birra Moretti’s founder, Luigi Moretti. Recognising that this man embodied the authenticity, tradition and genuineness of Birra Moretti, Luigi’s nephew asked if he could take his photograph. The man agreed and all he asked for in return was another Birra Moretti. Since that day in 1942, his face has appeared on every bottle brewed to serve as a reminder of where the beer comes from and who it is being brewed for.

Everyone knows that meal times – regardless of what meal that is – are very important in every Italian home. Enjoyment is the key recipe no matter what’s being served and the food is always fresh and high quality and so its accompaniment must be of that same standard. This is why so many Italians have now turned to beers, like Birra Moretti, with their complex flavours to add to the food.

How do you pair your favourite Italian food with beer?

You might instantly think ‘pizza and beer’ but don’t deprive your palette anymore when you’re having other Italian dishes.

Simpler dishes, such as risottos, pasta or main courses featuring white meats work really well when paired with with a slightly malted, lighter lager, like Birra Moretti’s L’Autentica.

Or if you’re having a fish-based starter or main (especially those with a tomato sauce), red meat or simple dessert, your beer will work just as well as any wine, served at a slightly warmer temperature of around 10-12 degrees celsius.

So when it comes to matching your next Italian meal with a drink, remember that it’s about more just complementary flavours or replicating cliches. There is a cultural harmony that brings your food and drink together to give it the real authenticity of an Italian meal in the Tuscan hills or tratorria of Florence. Above all, it’s about good beer, with good food, in good company.

To learn more about Birra Moretti, visit www.birramoretti.com. Always drink responsibly.

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