Coffee Suerte Lavazza beans bag 1000g, sales package carton of 6 pcs, min. order q.ty 1 pallet (cartons n. 33). Intensity scale: 10/10 Taste: Rich and strong Aromatic profile: Wood and tobacco Suerte is a coffee with a rich taste and an unmistakable aroma. Its character is perfect and balanced, a combination of body and intensity, enhanced by the skilful roasting carried out by Lavazza. Suerte is the ideal coffee to satisfy those who love a stronger taste.


Luigi Lavazza opened his first grocery store in Turin in1895. Curiosity and intuition led him to Brazil where he created what we now call Lavazza Blend. Luigi Lavazza SPA was born in 1927 and after World War II the first logo and the first Lavazza branded can were created. Then begins the transition on an industrial scale: the first in Italy in theworld of coffee. In 1982 it opened its first branch abroad and since 2000 Lavazza has been committed not only to innovation, but also to sustainability and social responsibility projects. In 2015 Lavazza celebrated its 120th anniversary by bringing the first espresso into space, after more than a century of experience in the art of roasting and blending.

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