Coca Cola softdrink 150ml in sleek can, sales package trays of 24 pcs, min. order q.ty 1 pallet (trays n.192). Since 1886 Coca Cola is the drink par excellence, known all over the world. Its bubbles and its unmistakable taste make it perfect for any occasion.


water, sugar, carbon dioxide, E 150d dye, phosphoric acid acidifier, natural flavors (including caffeine).


Today Coca-Cola is an international brand but with a tricolor engine: since Coca-Cola was bottled for the first time in Italy in 1927, national ingredients have been added to the classic formula to involve the territory and invest in the bond with the country. Production takes place locallyin factories located in the country, purchasing some raw materials such as fruit and citrus fruits, using manpower and thus integrating into the economy.

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