Heineken beer 5% VOl. 66 cl X 15 bottles, order min. 1 pallet (16 cartons) Since 1873, Heineken has been producing fresh, quality beer, the beer par excellence of the Netherlands. The brewing process is completely natural, enhanced by craftsmanship to create a perfect drink. Heineken beer contains only three main ingredients: barley, hops and water. By adding our A- Yeast, Heineken magically transforms into the drink we all know and love. Type: Lager Origin: Netherlands Color: Light beer Alcohol content: 5%


Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hop Extracts. Allergens: contains Barley


It has been 140 years since Heineken could be defined asa micro brewery. 25 million Heinekens are served every day in 192 countries, but we have not forgotten that quality is not measured by the size of the brand but by the purity of the beer. While continuing to expand into new worlds, Gerard's unconditional commitment to quality and perfection continues to be central to the Heineken family.

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