Grana Padano d.o.p. – Halal certified

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Grana Padano is what it is today because of its heritage.
The characteristic branding, the unique taste and the techniques preserved and continued for centuries all symbolise the rich history from which Grana Padano was derived.
The history and culture behind the creation of Grana Padano are a perfect example of how history shapes the future.
The beautiful landscape and history of the Grana Padano production area tell a unique story which carry on for many years to come.

Unlike most companies, our Grana Padano is produced twice a day with two separate processes. In this way, the milk is not refrigerated and stored for many hours at the farms, but collected a few hours after milking. 

This allows the milk enzymes to develop properly, providing a unique “heritage” which gives our cheese its distinguishing taste. 

The result is a Grana Padano with delicate but richer aroma and flavor, compared to another Grana Padano of the same age.

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